Special Announcement

Our Response to Corona-virus (COVID-19)


During this time of increased precautions due to coronavirus (COVID-19), DigitalXtractions continues to take aggressive steps to limit exposure for our customers and our employees in order to keep everyone healthy and safe. 


The Best Solution

The safest form of contact is no physical contact, therefore we are offering most of our usual services in a virtual, remote assistance model. This means we diagnose and analyze your current situation from our offices and help you without needing to meet in person. We have any equipment delivered to your doorstep and talk you through step by step anything you need to do.




Photo by cottonbro from Pexels


Virtual Remote Assistance

We diagnose and analyze your current situation from our office via Telephone, Computer, and Personal devices and help you without needing to meet in person. In most cases, we can provide you with the solution while connected. In the event your requirements are beyond the scope of the one call, or if there is any additional equipment needed, we can have delivered to your doorstep and then talk you through step by step anything you need to do when it arrives. 

Working from Home? Home Office Integration.

Assisting you with all of your best tech for working from your home. This highly personalized service is offered to individuals wishing to ensure they have the most productive and secure interactive technology environment. From your Internet Service provider, your Modem, your wifi, and all your computers and connected devices. We come over and help you connect up all of your technology nicely and neatly.  And if it turns out you need to upgrade to any new equipment or hardware we will provide that too from our network of vendors and installers.

Smart Home Design and Installation


You've heard about all these new toys that are available to us now, that can do everything from telling us the weather when we wake up in the morning to start our coffee maker and verbally add items to our shopping lists from anywhere.

Do you have a centralized device that with its WiFi connectivity gives you full control and automation of all of your home's environment, maximizing both your personal and your residence's efficiency? Can you walk into a dark room and say "turn on lights"?

We show you how to Go Green, Save Money & Get Smart. You lower your home's energy usage, reduce your footprint all while you work smarter, maximizing your productivity while reducing your household's and your physical resources.

In-home analysis roof to basement, from your driveway to your back forty we provide you the expertise you need to command a truly Green Smart Home.

So begin your Smart Home Journey with us.